About Us

LEX Africa is an alliance of leading law firms across Africa which was founded in 1993 and was the first legal alliance focussing solely on Africa. Only African law firms join the Alliance subject to strict performance and selection criteria to ensure world class standards of legal practice. Each member is an independent law firm whose key specialist focus is on general corporate and commercial law as well as litigation and dispute resolution. LEX Africa effectively covers the entire African continent and provides a valuable resource for businessmen and investors in Africa.

LEX Africa has a more than 20 year track record of assisting and advising clients on their African business activities. Each member is a full service business law firm with expert knowledge and experience on both local laws and the local business, political, cultural and economic environment. LEX Africa accordingly provides a “one stop shop” and Pan African legal team for cross border and domestic African legal solutions to clients wherever they wish to do business in Africa.

Member firms share similar values and commit to the highest professional, ethical and service delivery standards. A lawyer exchange program and specialist LEX Africa practice and industry sector groups have been established.

LEX Africa’s management office is situated at the offices of the South African member, Werksmans Attorneys. A management committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting of members. LEX Africa produces a popular Business Guide and specialist guides on Mining in Africa and Insolvency and Restructuring annually and can be found under the guides tab.

Our Mission

To collaborate with member firms to drive business growth in Africa through best legal practice by attracting, developing and promoting world-class professional skills for the continuing success of our network and the broader African continent.

Distinguishing our member firms

Expertise and Experience – We commit to provide our clients with legal solutions of the highest quality and expertise. LEX Africa has an established track record of advising and assisting clients in Africa since 1993.

Integrity – We conduct all dealings with clients and other member firms in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Diversity – Our members reflect the rich diversity of the African continent. They are located in North, South, East,West and Central Africa. Languages include English, French, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Zulu, Swahili and other indigenous languages. Religions include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and African traditional beliefs. Our members are accordingly fully equipped to advise clients on local business etiquette, customs and cultural practices to facilitate a successful outcome.

Community – Member firms share similar values and are colleagues and friends bound by a common Pan-African vision and strong professional relationships.

Social Responsibility – Our members strive to be good corporate citizens. As lawyers, we have a role to play in contributing to the socio-economic development of our Continent and supporting the Rule of Law.

Leadership – As ambassadors for our country and role models in the legal fraternity, we pride ourselves on the manner in which we do business.

Constant Innovation – We proactively identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions for clients having regard to changing laws and an ever changing investment and business environment.