China seeks partnership with South Africa on electronics front

China seeks partnership with South Africa on electronics front

The country will be showcasing its electronic prowess at an expo in Johannesburg.

More than 200 electronics companies from China and 11 local producers are expected to exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Expo (ICEE) in South Africa.

Addressing the media, representatives from the ANC’s Progressive Business Forum (PBF), the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) and mega electronics producer DFE said the expo would be used as a mechanism to drive partnerships between locals and China. One of its major objectives is to cut out the middleman to bring affordable, high quality consumer electronics direct to the nation.

The ICEE debuts in South Africa after successful stints in Brazil, Indonesia and Dubai.

Yan Han, General Manager of DFE said a platform was needed to connect both countries in the areas of production, retail, information trade and trade in business. “[It will create] a win-win situation between China and South African and possibly grow to involve all of Africa.

GGDA manager Godfrey Khuvutlu said the province was exploring the possibility of building plants in the region to support China’s electronics production. He said it was imperative that local craftsman be involved in the areas of design and production, adding that South Africa’s designers could be in a better position to develop technology tailored to suit Africa’s specific needs.

Meanwhile the PBF encouraged locals to use the expo as an opportunity to network with exhibitors and find solutions to bring their ideas to life. He said China was more that willing to partner with South Africa on this front.

The ICEE is free to the public and will run no-cost shuttle services from surrounding areas. Mr. Han said this was specially set up to introduce the show to as many aspiring creators as possible.

The event is expected to showcase the latest in mobile phones, digital cameras, wearable devices, GPS, security and the like. The expo runs between 23-25 November in Sandton, Johannesburg.

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