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Sydney Chisenga

Sydney Chisenga


Corpus has extensive expertise and experience advising clients, industry incumbents and new market challengers, with handling an array of competition and antitrust issues including merger control, abuse of dominance, sector regulation, monopolisation and market investigations, competition litigation, and judicial reviews and appeals.

Corpus also has a deep sector-specific experience and legal acquaintance to impeccably work with competition authorities, courts and regulatory bodies in Zambia and in the region.

The firm also aims to provide clients with risk-based, practical strategies to help them meet their commercial objectives, defend their commercial interests and, in some cases, challenge the anti-competitive behaviour of others.


  • Action Auto Limited (“Action Auto”) and General Motors South Africa: Advised and represented Action Auto Limited (“Action Auto”) and General Motors South Africa (“GMSA”) before the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the “CCPC”) in relation to allegations of anti-competitive conduct and abuse of dominance owing to an exclusivity clause in its after sales contracts, for Chevrolet and Isuzu pick-ups and trucks and for the maintenance and repairs of Hummer and Opel motor vehicles, which required customers to service and maintain their vehicles with Action Auto in order for customers to retain the warranty on their vehicles.
  • ZEGA Limited (“ZEGA”): Advisor to ZEGA Limited with respect to the abuse of dominance of the Zambia National Airports Corporation Limited (“NACL”), a state-owned company responsible for the development, maintenance and management of Zambia’s international airports and ground handling service provider.
  • CFAO France: Local advisors to the merger approval for the acquisition of CFAO France by Toyota Tsusho Corporation resulting in the indirect acquisition of CFAO Zambia and Vehicle Centre.


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