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Law firm in Angola

LEX Africa member firm FBL Advogados is a top performing corporate and commercial law firm in Angola

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Firm Overview


FBL ADVOGADOS is the result of the 2004 merger of three of the main Angolan law offices that have been practicing law on an individual basis for several years. The firm´s main office is located in Luanda’s city centre, at the Kinaxixi Square, and its lawyers provide legal services all over the Angolan territory. FBL Advogados undertakes to provide legal services to its clients in an independent, rigorous and prompt manner, repudiating any political, economical, religious or other kind of bias.

FBL Advogados promotes a personal relationship with its clients, in order to provide them global counselling, taking a multidisciplinary approach to the client’s business. In order to address the needs and concerns of its clients, which main activities are developed beyond Angolan frontiers, FBL Advogados works in partnership and collaboration with African, Asian, European and American law firms. FBL Advogados is also a proud member of LEX Africa Alliance.




Paulette Lopes

Lawyer renowned and recognised experience, is one of the founding members of the FBL Advogados. In the course of her career she has specialised in the right of private investment, commercial law, corporate law and real estate.

She graduated in Law at the University of Lisbon, Portugal (in 1981).

She teaches at the Law Faculty of  Agostinho Neto University, and is currently responsible for conducting the Civil Procedure Chair.

She also collaborated in the development of various legislation, including the Family Code. Currently, she is the Commission's coordinator for the reform of the Civil Procedure Code.

For several years she worked as a diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Angola.

Practice Areas


Private Investment & Corporate Finance

Given the consistent economic growth in the Republic of Angola, the firm has been advising several investment operations undertaken by foreign companies in Angola. The firm has particular expertise in drafting and negotiating with ANIP - National Agency for Private Investment. The complexity of the investment projects varies considerably and the firm has been assisting various multinational companies in entering the Angolan market. In view of the restrictions set forth in the Angolan Bar Association statute, FBL Advogados cannot describe the particular operations in which it has been involved. It may, however, refer that, during 2013, it has been advising clients in implementing investment projects regarding banks, insurance companies, international investment funds, mining, telecommunications, civil aviation, foods and beverages and civil construction.

Banking, Finance & Tax

The firm is thoroughly experienced in the area of finance and banking, and advises on incorporation and acquisition of commercial banks and insurance companies, drafting bank loan agreements and other financing contracts and granting legal opinions related with financial transactions. The firm also advises on tax law issues and tax litigation. FBL Advogados, during 2013, has been advising on the overall financial agreements used to finance public debt and other projects. The firm has been also advising the main investment banks acting in Angola.

Natural Resources (Oil, Gas & Mining)

The firm has actively participated in the evolution of the natural resources legislation in Angola and has advised leading companies on public procurement processes for the provision of goods and services on the oil and gas sector, drafting and negotiating contracts in the oil and gas ‘sector, providing for legal support to the licensing of companies on the oil and gas sector and advising companies operating in the mining sector, namely in the diamonds and gold exploration and commercialisation.


The firm advises on a day-to-day basis several multinational companies acting in Angola, on drafting and negotiating all types of commercial and corporate agreements. FBL Advogados has also been involved in a significant number of M&A. During the last few years, FBL Advogados has been advising various companies acting in the most various sectors of the economic activity. It has been advising, among others, banks, insurance companies, civil construction companies and the producers/distributors of beverages that are market leaders in Angola or abroad.


The firm has been involved in the negotiation of several companies’ privatisation processes, set-up of PPP’s, legal advice to the administration of public companies and public services concessionaires, legal advice to navigation companies and maritime and seaport services providers as well as legal support to the licensing of companies operating in the maritime transport sector and seaport services providers. During 2013, FBL Advogados has been advising several public institutions, such as Ministries, namely on the preparation of legislation and legal supporting several tenders.

Litigation & Arbitration

The firm’s activity covers civil litigation, labour litigation, intellectual property litigation (brands and patents) and maritime law litigation. The partners of FBL Advogados have a wide experience in national and international arbitrations, as attorneys and arbitrators. During 2013, FBL Advogados has been engaged in various litigation processes.


Privileging the confidential relationship it establishes with its clients and implementing the rules of the Angolan Bar Association, the firm does not disclose the names of individuals and companies that resort to its services.Therefore, the firm key clients can only be identified by the economic activity sector in which they are inserted, namely: oil and diamonds sector; bank, financial and insurance sector; fishing sector; light industry; civil construction; tourism and hotels; services providers. FBL Advogados core clients are public institutions and private companies, either Angolans or foreigners, which main office is located in the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, USA, Brazil, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan, China and India.


Firm Highlights

FBL is still one of the most experienced and recommended Angolan law firm. As a result, for the fourth year in a row FBL was ranked as Band 1 by Chambers & Partners and as Tier 1 by Legal 500.