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The firm has an indisputable leadership position in litigation based on unique experience and knowledge of local courts, which ensures the most efficient and successful approach to each case.


Couto, class="modal-content" Graça & Associados (CGA) resulted from a merger which took place in June 2011 between three Mozambican law firms, namely H Gamito, Couto, Gonçalves Pereira, Castelo Branco & Associados, MGA – Advogados e Consultores, Limitada, and Furtado, Loforte & Associados. This was undertaken by the partners who were part of the aforementioned companies, bringing experience established in Mozambique for more than ten years.

CGA’s first three years of activity following the merger were extremely successful, resulting in the creation of specialised areas of practice and departments, offering clients tailor-made advice to meet both specific needs and those of their businesses. With 45 lawyers, CGA has a strong reputation in corporate, concessions, PPPs, dispute resolution, labour and investment, as well as leading practices in banking, real estate and tax. The firm is also acknowledged as a prominent advisor in a number of industry sectors, including energy and natural resources and infrastructure. The firm is associated with the Iberian law firm Cuatrecasas Goncalves Pereira & Associados, which forms part of a firm alliance integrating the expertise of more than 800 lawyers and 16 offices in ten different countries (Mozambique, Portugal, Spain, US, UK, Belgium, Brazil, Angola, China and Argentina), and is also associated with JA Advogados and Consultores in Timor Leste. CGA is a member of IsFin, the world’s leading Islamic finance lawyers.

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