Q&A with FB Attorneys Book

Q&A with FB Attorneys Book

A useful guide on questions and answers on Tanzanian and International Law for students, teachers, legal practitioners and the public alike.

LEX Africa member firm for Tanzania, FB Attorneys, is pleased to announce the launch of its book ‘Q&A With FB Attorneys’  Volume 1.

The Q&A with FB Attorneys column was first published in the Daily News in Tanzania in 2009, making it one of the first interactive legal question and answer columns in East Africa.  After having written the columns for more than eight years and realising the thirst for legal knowledge, the authors embarked on a journey to compile all the columns published into a book.

There are six chapters in the book and topics include relationships, wills, employment disputes, consumer rights, commercial disputes, Court matters and crime.

The book aims to reach out to readers from all walks of life in an attempt to make the public aware of the law and the repercussions of not following the law.  The law can confuse and frustrate, but the general norm is that it must be followed.  The book educates one on the law, one’s rights and the do’s and don’ts.

As well as answering some serious questions on the law, Q&A with FB Attorneys has a sense of humour and the weekly columns make for a good Monday morning read with a cup of coffee.

For a preview, click here.


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