Annual guide to Insolvency in Africa

There are diverse challenges and risks which any investor, financial institution or international corporate might face in investing in any jurisdiction around the world. Particularly, in emerging markets like those found in Africa, it is important to understand the limitations, scope and efficacy of the insolvency regimes applicable in each jurisdiction and the ability to foreclose and extract value in a distressed debt situation.

The purpose of the publication is to gain a better understanding of what makes up the various insolvency and rescue regimes in each one of the relevant African jurisdictions. Although there are significant and crucial differences remaining between individual African jurisdictions in the realm of insolvency legislation, current reforms appear to reflect an attempt to harmonise insolvency and restructuring regimes across the continent.

The 2016/2017 Guide to Insolvency and Business Restructuring in Africa can be found under the Guides tab on the website www.lexafrica.com

We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

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