LEX Africa signs MOU with International Practice Group (IPG)

LEX Africa signs MOU with International Practice Group (IPG)

LEX Africa and IPG have signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding in order to further develop and strengthen their relationship.

These two long established professional associations have agreed to co-operate for mutual benefit enabling members to work together on international client matters, share information of interest to members and their clients and attend each other’s conferences.

International Practice Group has 107 members throughout the world but has only a minor presence in North Africa.

LEX Africa has 26 members throughout Africa and therefore co-operation between the two networks represents a logical step for both of them.

Peter Steyn Chairman of LEX Africa from Werksmans in South Africa says:

“We have a good existing relationship with IPG and the MOU provides a strong basis to work on joint projects, strengthen relationships between our respective members and work together to assist and advise clients in Africa.”

Graham Wallace Chairman of International Practice Group from Barnes Roffe LLP in the United Kingdom says:

“This is an excellent opportunity for both of our member associations to get to know fellow professionals in new locations where our clients will certainly be interested in doing business.  I look forward to working more closely with the LEX Africa members to support our clients.”

For further details please contact:

International Practice Group

Elke Bockisch

Telephone: +44 20 8988 6188  
e-mail: elke.bockisch@ipg-online.org

LEX Africa

Pieter Steyn 

Telephone: +27 11 535 8296

E-mail: psteyn@werksmans.com       

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