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Firm Overview

Armstrongs is the leading corporate and commercial law firm in Botswana. It provides its clients with innovative legal and business solutions of a global standard and is recognised for its pioneering and developmental role in various commercial sectors within Botswana. Established in 1983, the firm specialises in all aspects of corporate and commercial law including capital raising, listings, corporate and trade finance, competition law, banking and financial services, M&A, bonds and other debt or capital instruments, rights issues, marketable investment instruments, listed securities, mining and resources, energy, tax, privatisation and public private partnerships. Additionally the firm has an extremely strong litigation and dispute resolutions practice.



Name: John Carr-Hartley
Title: Senior Partner
Degree: BA LLB (KZN, South Africa)
Speciality: Litigation | Arbitration & Mediation | Building / Construction | Banking

Name: Sipho Ziga
Title: Partner
Degree: LLB (University of Botswana)
Speciality: Corporate & Commercial law | Industrial labour law
Banking | PPPs | Stock exchange matters

Firm Highlights

Significant cases

Development of the Botswana Stock Exchange, the Insurance, Collective Instrument Undertaking Industries and legislations
The International Financial Services Centre and its legislation in the Income Tax Act
Privatisation of Air Botswana on behalf of the International Finance Corporation and Public Enterprise Evaluation and Privatisation Agency (PEEPA)
Review of the Companies Act on behalf of the Law Society that culminated in the New Act
Disciplinary and Conveyancing Tariff Committees on behalf of the Law Society
Coal mine and power station project for Botwana (US$6 billion)
Metal refinery project in Botswana
New diamond mine in Botswana
Development of upmarket lodges in iconic destinations in Botswana, Seychelles, Rwanda, Kenya and Gabon (US$40 million)
Privatisation assessments for PEEPA
Botswana Government University of Science and Technology PPP
Southern African Development Community PPP
Botswana Government Bond Issue
Sale by Botswana Government of Parastatal loan debt by way of CDO via a SPV
Client profile

  • Legal advisors to:
    14 out of the 15 domestic listings (BSE)
    3 out of the 7 dual listings (BSE)
    8 out of the 10 bond issues
    the single commercial paper issues (BSE)
    9 of the mining houses operating in Botswana
    All major multinational firms in the engineering, construction, building and allied industry
    All major banks operating in Botswana, and ABC Holdings Limited (an international fianncial services centre company incorporating several banks situated in five different countries in the sub-Saharan region)

Practice Areas

Corporate Commercial:

Company formations | Subscriptions & shareholders agreements | Shareholders agreements | Management, technical and services supply agreements | Restructures, schemes of arrangement | Partnership/joint venture agreements | Acquisition of shares or of business agreements | Tax structure and planning | Botswana Stock Exchange matters

Capital raising:

IPOs and private placements, listings | Rights issues | Loan agreements (local & international) | Debt instruments issues (bond, notes, dematerialised paper, preference shares)


Value added tax | Income tax (private & corporate) | Disposal gains tax | Tax agreements


Sequestrations and liquidations | Offers of compromise | Restructure, schemes of arrangement


Acquisition of title, transfer of title | Short term and long term leases | Securities, mortgage bonds, deeds of hypothecation, pledges, cessions | Sectional titles | Township developments (consolidated & separated title) | Resources | Prospecting and mining licences | Advice


Advice | Pleadings | High Court appearances | Submissions | Management of a matter to conclusion

Industrial relations:

Advice, negotiation, mediation and arbitration | Intellectual property: | Registrations of patents and trade marks | Searches | Disputes in respect of rights


Business names | Franchise, use, distributorship and agency agreements


Banking law | Loan documentation | Security documentation | Negotiable instruments | Banking regulatory environment and its legislation

International Financial Services Centre:

Applications | Certification | Structure, tax regime | Regulatory environment

Collective Investment Undertakings:

Trusts, funds, companies, setup and structure | Tax | Regulatory regime