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Law firm in Lesotho

LEX Africa member firm Webber Newdigate is a top performing corporate and commercial law firm in Lesotho

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Firm Overview


In May 1978 the partners at the time of Webbers in South Africa established a firm in Maseru, Lesotho, known as Webber Newdigate, which has since developed into the largest attorneys firm in Lesotho.Apart from the full-time Lesotho staff, this firm is also supported by the partners and professional assistants in Bloemfontein. The Lesotho firm provides legal services to, amongst others, large financial institutions, para-statal organisations and various stakeholders in the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, such as international construction companies, professional advisory firms and consortiums. In this regard the firm was recently involved in one of the largest arbitrations ever to take place in Lesotho.




James John Grundlingh
Title: Partner
Degree: BJuris (UOFS 1990), LLB (UOFS 1992)

Specialises in: Litigation and insurance law

Morne Stuart Maree
Title: Partner
Degree: B.Proc UFS 1995 LL.B UFS 1997

Specialises in: Commercial work, company law and environmental law

Firm Highlights


Significant cases include:

Major constitutional challenges, election cases, financial institution investigations, arbitrations, large commercial transactions etc.

Key clients include:

The Government of Lesotho, government authorities/parastatals, major banks, major insurance companies, major educational institutions etc.

Practice Areas


Main Areas of Practice

Finance and bankingDispute resolution and litigation
Employment and LabourAnti-corruption and anti-bribery
Insurance lawTax law
Insolvency and debt recoveryMining and resources
Environmental lawIntellectual property law
Property and real estate lawImmigration
Family lawCompany law
Corporate registrationBusiness law
Construction and engineeringExchange control


Commercial, Corporate and Business Law

Company and business formations | Contractual agreements | Building and engineering law | Insurance law | Intellectual property law | Business, liquor and other licensing agreements | Investment and disinvestments | Exchange control | Financial planning | Taxation | Labour law | Industrial relations law | Employment law

Real Estate/Property

Conveyancing | Transfers | Mortgages | Property development | Town planning | Leases | Servitudes | Mining and building law

Private and Family Law

Wills | Trusts | Estate administration | Estate planning | Citizenship

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Representation at the Appeal Court, High Court, Subordinate Court, Administrative and other courts:

Arbitration and mediation for commercial and corporate matters | Insurance | Matrimonial | Liquidations | Insolvency | Human rights