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Law firm in Mozambique

LEX Africa member firm Couto, Graça e Associados is a top performing corporate and commercial law firm in Mozambique

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Firm Overview


CGA – Couto, Graça e Associados, Lda., is a leading Mozambican Law Firm, highly regarded both in and outside Mozambique, through the quality and value of the legal services it renders to clients.

CGA has legal expertise in the various fields of law, public and private, and renders services to companies and institutions, both profit and non-profit oriented, that are operating in the country’s multiple sectors of activity. Organizations that have benefited from such services and others, specialized in the legal market research, consider CGA having high professional standards. They qualify CGA legal services as being relevant and valuable. The Firm is renowned for its unmatched experience in liaising between private investment interests and the Government, within the Mozambican business environment. CGA lawyers are known for been able to render complex legal services and deliver legal solutions and products at levels of excellence and high satisfaction of clients.



Pedro Couto

With 22 years of experience, as General Counsel of private companies, State organisations and corporations throughout Mozambique, is involved in initiatives such as BOT, BOOT, restructuring of companies, foreign investment, financing, privatization and public procurement (transport, mining, aviation, energy, oil, gas, Port, rail and business infrastructure). He is an expert in Project Finance and Finance Structure having participated in most Power and Infrastructure projects in recent years in Mozambique.

Telmo Ferreira

Telmo Ferreira has 17 years of experience in the corporate world and is currently CGA’s Managing Partner,also in charge of Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Tax. His expertise has been crucial for the legal viability and success of some of the major transactions involving companies operating in key economic sectors. That includes, among others, advising mergers and acquisitions on the banking and industrial sectors, listing of companies, IPOs, corporate governance and commercial, financing and concession contracts in various sectors. Recently he’s been involved in some of the most relevant concessions in Mozambique on Mining and Oil & Gas sectors.

Jorge Graca

Jorge Graça (40 years of experience) has been working on several sectors including mineral resources, infrastructures, tourism, public companies and government institutions. He has covered various legal subjects including public and regulatory, PPPs, concessions, corporate, institutional contracts, loans and securities, banking and financing, investment, time sharing, land, agrarian and property laws. He has also performed relevant bill drafting, arbitration, mediation and conciliation activities, took part in the foundation of Africa ADR in representation of the Mozambican “Centro de Arbitragem, Conciliação e Mediação de Maputo (CACM)”. A founder of MGA, he is currently a founding and Name partner of CGA.

Faizal Jusob

Faizal Jusob has 15 years of experience on all corporate matters he is an expert on banks, financial institutions, funding groups and companies on incorporation of branches, negotiations with Exchange Control Authorities, Reserve Bank, Ministry of Finances, regulatory matters, telecommunication and tourism concessions on state possessions in Mozambique. His practice includes corporate restructuring, foreign investment authorization project approvals, project financing, privatization, and public tenders in the areas of transport, mining, aviation and commercial infrastructure. Mr. Jusob had recently been advising on the Mozambique legal framework for mining to VALE from Brazil, WISCO from China and NMDC from India.


Firm Highlights


Corporate & M&A

■Public offer made by Cervejas de Moçambique on the Mozambican Stock Exchange
■Acquisition of 49% of Cinac by Cimentos de Moçambique
■Sub-concession of the Ressano Garcia Power Plant to Aggreko
■Assignment of 15% of Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa by the Portuguese Government
■Assignment of share in Minas do Rovubué
■Acquisition of a major fishing company by a Chinese company; Ongoing advice to Portucel (investment in the amount of USD2 billion)
■Açucareira de Xinavane Project (sugar cane growing scheme –incorporation of company, farming agreements, funding and settlement of debt agreements in the amount of USD2.5 million)
■Acquisition of a beverage business by CDM
■Contractual Structure for the construction of a Cement Mill
■Transformation of Portucel

Banking & Finance

■Incorporation of Banco Único
■Incorporation of Banco Nacional de Investimento
■Incorporation of Bayport
■Incorporation of Standard Chartered Bank in Mozambique
■Establishement of two branches of foreign credit institutions

Public Law & Regulatory Compliance

■Nacala Port Coal Terminal (project finance)
■Malawi – Moatize Railway (project finance)
■Moatize Power Station (project finance)
■Ressano Garcia Power Station (project finance)
■Construction of the new Tete bridge and road (project finance)
■Nacala Corridor Railway (private-public partnership)
■Macuse Port and Railway Project (private-public partnership
■Ressano Garcia Power Plant Project – 140 MW natural gas fired power station (private-public partnership)
■Power Plant Project (Ressano Garcia) – 40 MW natural gas fired power station (private-public partnership)
■Chokué Power Plant Project – 40 MW natural gas fired power station (private-public partnership)
■Legal assistance to MITSUI with the Government of Mozambique for the negotiations on the LNG projects
■Legal assistance to ENI for the negotiations with the Government of Mozambique on the LNG projects in Northern Mozambique

Foreign Investment

■Advising Portucel Soporcel for forestry purposes and construction of an industrial project (paper manufacturing plant) on an investment worth USD2.4 billion
■Advising to Vitol Group from the United Kingdom on a transaction worth USD67.7m, on the acquisition of 35 percent stake in the Matola Coal Terminal
■Advising BP Mozambique on the investment extension of USD80 million for purposes of rebuilding of Matola Terminal and upgrade of Beira and Nacala Terminals
■Advising TSB Sugar South Africa on the investment of USD740 million for the sugar-cane plantation and sugar production factory
■Advising to Portus Indico- on the acquisition of 70% stake of Navique - Empresa Moçambicana de Navegaçãco, SARL
■Advising Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., both Chinese entities and bid winners for the Chibuto Heavy Sands Deposit project in Mozambique


Practice Areas


Mergers and Acquisitions

acquisition and sale of companies | take-overs | mergers and off-spins | joint venture and strategic alliances | management buy-outs | due diligence and legal audits

Banking and finance law

banking and finance products and services | equity and equity-linked issues | asset finances | project finance | corporate finance | lease finance | investment funds | cross-border transactions | investment banking


moratorium | bankruptcy | insolvency proceedings | debt restructuring

Tax Law

international and local tax planning | general tax advice | taxation on real estate investments | taxation on financial instruments


regulatory insurance issues | insurance products and services | incorporation and restructurings | cross-border insurance services

Labour and employment

senior management contracts | collective dismissals | pension schemes | negotiations with unions | restructuring of work forces | social security | labour audits | pension funds

Information Technology

telecommunications law | media law | computer and software law | licensing and regulatory issues | contracts and joint ventures | data protection

Real Estate

purchase, sale and development of real estate | construction law | development of real estate projects | real estate financing structures | leases | real estate funding | urban planning

Intellectual Property

trademark, patent and copyright protection | intellectual property contracts | register arrangements | litigation on infringements | brand infringements and product imitations


national and international arbitration | company and commercial litigation | environmental litigation | telecommunications litigation | tax litigation

Capital Markets

initial public offerings | public offerings | private and public placements | capital market and security regulations | stock market flotations | underwriting and listings | derivatives

Public Law and Regulatory Compliance

constitutional and administrative law | environmental law | energy law | pharmaceutical law | state subsidies | procurement law

Aviation and Maritime Law

contractual and financing arrangements | purchase, sale and lease | regulatory matters and licensing | arbitration