Law firm in Rwanda
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Law firm in Rwanda – AIMS Capital Attorneys

Aims Capital Associates is a multi-disciplinary practice (MDP) firm, providing legal services, corporate services and business advisory services. Since 2011 after its incorporation in Rwanda, the Firm joined the global network of transaction advisors, connected with private equity, venture capital and other alternative financing markets.

The Firm is under license from the Capital Markets Authority (Rwanda). Currently Aims Capital Associates has opened an affiliate Firm, Aims Capital Partners, LLC, incorporated in Delaware-USA,with partnership in North and Central American Countries. The Firm works with numerous financial and non-financial vehicles in USA, Europe and UAE as their legal and fiduciary Agent in emerging markets. The Firm specializes in investment project financing, legal and regulatory compliance due diligence as well as contract management.

The blended professional skills drawn from both Aims Capital Associates and Partners provides the financial sector actors with the much needed resources for their business development.

Practice Areas:

  • Legal advisory for all business and commercial transactions
  • Legal representation
  • Legal drafting
  • Legal representation and other roles in disputes settlement processes
  • Legal due diligence
  • Contracts management
  • Corporate legal services including legal risk analysis for investments
  • Insolvency and receivership
  • Tax advisory and legal representation in tax disputes
  • Legal services in infrastructure disputes resolution
  • Representation in Arbitration and Litigation